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J.P. Gomez Realty

Jaime Gomez, Broker • Member Of Brokers Guild
Serving The Community For Over 17 Years
Short Sale Specialist • www.realjaime.com

It seems that everyone today is looking for the best real estate agency with which to list their property. J.P. Gomez, located in Denver at 7995 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 100, phone (303) 751-2400 or (303) 693-9407, is ready to serve you with honesty, integrity and first-class service.

They are experts in short sales and are knowledgeable in all phases of the real estate field. A “short sale” can help you because that means that the house is about to be in foreclosure, and the owner is trying to sell quickly to walk away. It is better for their credit than to lose the house. The new homeowner then pays the bank. They offer a wide selection of residential, commercial and investment properties. Let the professionals at J.P. Gomez take control. By listing your property with them, you can rest assured it's as good as sold.

7995 East Hampden Avenue Suite 100
Denver, CO 80231

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