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“Professional Debt Collection Specialists Since 1998”

If you are a business owner and have been suffering as most other companies do with a number of delinquent accounts, you are probably very frustrated. This uncollected money is having an impact on your business, and you are not able to devote time to try to collect on these accounts.

Call Ethan & Associates toll free at 1-888-830-3170. They are a licensed, bonded and insured commercial collection agency and a member of the American Collectors Association. A collection agency by definition is an organization that specializes in the collection of past due or delinquent accounts. A business built on trust, Ethan & Associates offers a wide range of collection approaches as well as information searches, legal assistance, field agents who can make face-to-face contacts as well as client collection resources. They first review all paperwork sent to them by your office including the history of the account, credit record as well as the promises that were kept or broken. They will make prompt contacts and will not remedy the account until collection has been followed through. Your company is only charged if Ethan & Associates collects for you.

Ethan & Associates appreciates their clients and welcomes new ones to contact Mike Howard at 1-888-830-3170 or email him at You may also visit their Web site at


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“Porsche Engineering Group Finds STIHL BR 600 More Fuel Efficient
Than Competitors” •

A study conducted by the Porsche Engineering Group GmbH found that the STIHL BR 600 backpack blower is up to 28% more fuel efficient than competitive models, which can provide up to $644.00 in fuel savings per unit in two seasons, depending on fuel costs and run time. The STIHL BR 600 is also the cleanest running backpack blower in its class with 73% less emissions than current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements (based upon information reported as of December 8, 2008, on the EPA Web site).

The Porsche study tested backpack blowers at wide open throttle 85% of the time and at idle for the remaining 15%. All the units tested were the U.S. versions, the same as available in stores, and all units were set to their respective manufacturer specifications during testing.

The STIHL BR 600 led the competitors’ models in the Porsche study, ranking the highest in fuel efficiency. The STIHL BR 550, STIHL’s value-priced backpack blower, was also tested in the Porsche study and was found to be 16% more fuel efficient than the BR 600. In a separate comparison, based on specifications from each manufacturer and not associated with the Porsche study, the BR 600 also was ranked as the lightest weight model and the most powerful in air volume in its class.

To learn more about STIHL low-emission and fuel-efficient products and the results of the Porsche Engineering Group GmbH test, visit For more information on EPA reporting, visit


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